PLEASE NOTE: Dollar amounts are based on an average house of 3-4 bedrooms and 1-2 bathrooms, usually requiring 2-3 hours. Your inspection needs may vary; please call New York State Home Inspections for a free estimate (518) 384-4026

Billing Structure Notice: New York State Home Inspections has made every effort to maintain our billing structure over the years, absorbing increases in fees charged by the reliable, independent laboratories we use for sample analysis. NOTE on Inspection Reports: Our reports are electronic. If a hard copy is needed, ONE copy will be provided at no cost. Additional printed copies will be $30.00 each.

Inspection (Base Fee -Minimum, up to two hours on site) $400.00
Additional time (over two hours) billed per quarter hour $20.00
Water: Standard Scan (Bacteria and 24 Chemical Parameters) $175.00
Water: Coliform and Fecal E. Coli $90.00
Water: Well volumetric flow (1 hour) $75.00
RADON in Air (single sample -requires second trip to property) $105.00
RADON in Water (single sample) $75.00
Lead in paint, starting at... $30.00 per sample
Septic Dye Test (requires observations at site at 24, 48, and 72 hours) $175.00
Soil sample for petroleum product $325.00 per sample

Other laboratory tests are available. Please specify your needs. Quoted prices aredependent on lab fees.